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In Swaziland, women are still living under pressure. See why I say this

In Swaziland women are still suffering or under Pressure .

Which means that a woman is not comfortable with what she can wear when she likes because it is said that there are times when she has to wear a head covering because King Mswati III has to perform his ritual.

Where you are compelled to do as King Mswati III has commanded that his will be done

Recently King Mswati’s ritual men(BeManti) harass women for wearing pants as part of his Incwala ceremony. During this time women are forced to cover their heads or be fined by the ritual men.

This in itself means that the people of Swazis are not yet free because when a woman is still oppressed in society at home because this is a picture of a woman in Swazis having no rights.

And the fact that there are people guarding the law means that there is a lot of oppression of women in Swaziland by under King Mswati’s leadership.

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