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Mzansi said no one must support people selling counterfeit goods especially Bathu sneakers

It is an indisputable fact that in South Africa jobs are scarce as there is a high number of people who are jobless and so people are left looking for quick ways to invest in them.

Yes, some people use their intellect and ingenuity to make a living, but there are those who use it to undermine the power of other people by simply taking a piece from their mouth.

Supporting black business is all what we like to do and willingly like to keep supporting them until they're successful.

The only thing we can't do is to support people who undermine the power of other people by taking a piece from their mouth, this is like those who sell illegal CDs artists knowing full well that they did not participate in what they are selling.What was done to the women who was trying to destroy the power of the founder of Bathu sneakers made me very happ,ybecause you can't sit back and expect to get everything easily, everything you have in life you have to work for it.

A woman who had been trying to sell sneakers of Bathu brand got what she deserved when people told her to forget getting support from them because she's selling illegal sneakers.

A lot of people are now selling counterfeit goods especially,NikeAdidas,Puma and other types of expensive clothing brands you can think of.

Yes, marketing is not a bad thing, but it is a bad thing to cheat people out of their mouth knowing full well that what you are selling is not what you have worked for.

This woman, knew that people love Bathu's sneakers and will buy very quickly, but became disillusioned when people told her in her eyes that they would never buy illegal sneakers instead they prefer not to have them.

I wish they could do what they did to this woman to other sellers of stolen or illegal goods to help business owners stay in business.

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