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We Understand Why These People Ended Up In Jail. Outrageous Mugshots

It's pretty hard to get arrested, to say the least. Regardless of the crime you committed (or the crime you didn't commit), you probably won't look the best when you take a mugshot.

When appearing in front of a prison camera, most people appear to be quite torn. Perhaps they quarreled with the police and were bruised to show it off. Maybe they've been up for hours and it looks like they're almost never awake. Or maybe you're using drugs or alcohol and it looks ... well, you're exhausted. The important thing is that mugshots are not always attractive photos.

And there are people who take mugshots to the next level. The photos in your mugshot are so weird or creepy that they become viral just because the internet thought they were very weird. It may look strange, have a disturbing tattoo, or wear something that makes everyone wonder "what the hell is going on".

So fasten your seatbelts (not wearing a seatbelt is against the law) and enjoy this slideshow of 60 of the most ridiculous mugs on the internet. And of course, stay in school and don't take drugs-you might find yourself in our next slideshow.

1. I'm interested in hairnets

Sure, the first thing I notice about this guy is his teeth, but I also want to know what's behind the hairnet. Does he work in the cafeteria? To protect his curl while he sleeps? We may never know.

2. This is a reaction to the arrest

I don't know what's happening in this photo or what the woman was arrested for, but the phrase is just ... actually "what?" There is no word other than "?". hell? "

3. What happens ...?

This guy was caught by sniffing paint or was arrested at a Halloween party dressed in a tin woodman. Either way, he seems pretty excited about it.

4. It's a pretty outfit

Who hasn't matched his hair and shirt lately? With that facial hair and fur vest, this guy feels like he's telling an interesting story.

5. He commits a crime in America

Is it a surprise to any of us that this guy was arrested in Florida? I don't know what his crime was, but I'm pretty sure I can guess his thoughts about his country. If you think about it, you can guess his opinion about facial tattoos.

6. He makes funny styles and decisions in his life

Maybe this guy was arrested during a haircut. Unless it's a really bad fashion statement, I can't imagine why he shaved half of his face.

7. Sir, there is a curtain on the chin

Maybe this guy is trying to make up for the fact that he has no hair on his head by taped everything to his chin. Hopefully he wasn't arrested at the full moon.

8. Sure, only your friends

This doesn't seem to be the best shirt to wear if there is a slight chance of violating the law. Judging from the facial expressions on his face, he may have inhaled himself.

9. Seems almost correct

By the time you land in jail, you're basically already making a first impression. But you still have the chance to make something more permanent. For example, the man fell asleep with a sign that he was arrested for driving drunk.

10. Wait, wait, wait

Did this guy go out that day hoping to be arrested? Or was it just a coincidence that he wore a shirt on the mugshot in front of him the next time he ruined the police?

11. I don't think you're doing

. As a woman, let me tell you, no, we don't. In fact, it's a little scary. You can pay for the removal of tattoos or grow a real mustache on it.

12. Is she okay?

Okay, it can be awkward to pose for a mugshot. You may not know exactly which face to make. You may not want to laugh, right? So what's your impression of a pirate?

13. Uh ...

I have a lot of questions about what's happening on this guy's face, but unfortunately there is no answer. I'm guessing he was in disguise because it's the least confusing option.

14. There is no problem identifying him.

This guy may be wearing a "mask" (a kind), but unfortunately it is not very effective in protecting his identity. If anything, it's the exact opposite. He is easy to find in the crowd.

15. Crime: The mob

I don't know what's wrong with his nose, but I know that hairstyle is a crime against humanity. Please put your comb down and walk away!

16. If you like donuts a little

Honestly, I don't know what's going on here, but it looks like it's scattered all over your chin. Have you been arrested for eating too much cupcakes?

17. I don't want to share a cell with this guy Save

Do you want to immediately put fear in the hearts of everyone in jail? Make that terrible face. It is also useful if your hair is shaved like a clown.

18. "Sir, please stop singing for a moment"

Apparently the man was arrested for suspicious behavior at a discount store, including sneaking out a female customer. So .. he has a lot of things happening.

19. Lots of things are happening here

I don't know what to focus on first. Wild hair? Half-shaved head? eyebrows? lips? Each part leaves me more questions.

20. Pippi Longstocking becomes a rogue

Isn't it fun to live in an era where you can style your hair when you want to express your creativity? Don't abuse it like this guy who decided to put a weird braid on himself.

21. If you can forget the cover-up

Micah Musser, who was 18 when he was arrested for trespassing, suspects he did it alone. I think his neck was completely covered with Hicky marks and not from a vacuum cleaner.

22. This is Medusa!

This guy's hair looks almost unrealistic and we can't help noticing that it looks like a bunch of little snakes. Percy Jackson, let's go-I found the heir to Medusa.

23. Polly Approved Parole

No one knows the complete story of this guy's pet macaw, baby, and why he insisted on taking a mugshot with him. The only logical conclusion is that the bird was an accomplice.

24. When you get arrested in the middle of your haircut

arrested in the middle of your haircut couldn't decide between a trimmed style and some flowing curly hair locks, so he's both in the crazy way possible. I decided to choose a style.

25. But ... why?

She was arrested for blocking her traffic, chasing children, and threatening police officers while wearing this cow costume. My only question is ... uh, why?

26. * Scream *

A lot of things are happening to this person, from jewelry to make-up and tattoos. But the really worrisome part is those black eyes caused by the terrible contact lenses or the terrible tendency of eye tattoos.

Content created and supplied by: Xiya (via Opera News )


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