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A student who has been missing for six months has been found dead and buried

A boy who has been missing for six months in Zimbabwe has been found dead and buried the boy had disappeared from school after allegedly stealing from the school tuckshop and taken to police for discipline, the matter has been a riddle teachers and the heads denying knowing where Livingstone was even the police. But guess what, the parents and other people kept on pressing on the issue and never gave up rght now, I mean now, less than two hours, his body has finally been found and all those involved are trying to run for their lives

The Headmaster, boarding master and a lot are in trouble right now this is human life and a child after all you will never kill an innocent child and get away with it. One way or the other, the truth has a way of coming out justice will be served no matter how or who wants to prevent the truth from coming out the truth shall prevail, as there is God in heaven and God fights for the defenselessIt is painful and sad for Livingstone Sunhwa's mother as she has been crying for more than six months now she has to go through this mourning time since the child’s remains has been found, is there a safe space for our children to go to school? The school must be closed, what ever church that runs that school must inform ministry of education of immediate closure and re-open with new teachers whom we can trust with our children. I'm heartbroken, so there are parents out there who can kill a child and bury the body then watch the child's parents suffer looking for their child my question is how do they sleep at night, this is so sad may his soul rest in peace and may those responsible be held accountable in the physical and spiritual world


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