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R350 Grant Payment Dates For December If Approved

SASSA has came up with a system that helps to reduce the congestion that happens during end of the month. They have prioritized older people and social grants. After all of these grants have been administered, the process of screening Social Relief Of Distress Grants will begin and that is expected to be from the 6th of December. Join us as we share the payment dates for December and updates concerning the grants below.


Each and every beneficiaries is assigned a date based on the last three digits of their ID number. Do take note that there is no fixed date for the R350 grant. This means that you must not expect to receive it on the same date as the previous month. Yesterday marked the deadline for people to claim their funds from the previous cycle. If you have failed to do so, unfortunately your money has been forfeited into other state projects.

Payment Dates For December

As aforementioned, these dates are for the people that have opted to recently receive their money from the Post office and not those with bank accounts.

What about cash send

It seems like the process for the Treasury to approve this payment method has been detailed and this has indeed affected a lot of people. Constantly changing your bank account is also not recommended because that will mean they will have to once again screen your information to see if you meet the stipulated criteria (which may take longer). As soon as the Treasury approves, we will definitely let you know.

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