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The Story Of Hope Who Was Called “Witch Child” And Abandoned To Die On The Street By His Parents



In the faithful old age when Hope was made to enjoy his childhood and play from morning till evening, the boy faced hunger and rejection. The boy was expelled from the community by his parents and family members who believed he was a witch and wanted to dump him by all means.

Let's go back to February 2016 when a boy was found wandering the streets of Uyo in Akwa Ibom, Nigeria with his stomach full of worms. A little boy was walking around the street picking up dirt and eating it as he had no other food to eat.

Weeks after the boy's video went viral, Danish Aid Worker Anja Ringgren Loven took an interest in the matter and decided to deal directly with the situation. Ringgren turned out to be working with his Nigerian counterpart, Udom.


The first week Hole arrived at the home of the Lad of Hope Orphanage in Uyo, no one believed he would survive because of the seriousness of his case. According to Anja Ringgren, Hope was full of worms in her stomach and had another health problem.

After Themba was taken care of, Anja Ringgren raised her and continued to care for her along with 76 other children who were called witches by their parents who could not meet their financial needs.

Recently, Hope celebrated the Freedom of Nigeria and other children at the Orphanage of the Land of Hope. She also had a picture of herself preparing food in the kitchen with the other children in the house.

Although Themba's story turned out to be good because of the good Samaritan who volunteered to see him succeed, other children are equally poor today but have no one to help them. These children end up being tortured or killed because of their superstitious beliefs.

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