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Could This be The Reason Why The Four Moti Brother's Were Kidnapped: See here

Kidnapping is something that is becoming common in South Africa lately .Children of rich people and politicians are kidnapped and they demand a ransom for them of millions of rands .This is a very quick way of criminals to make money nowdays .However some kidnappings are purely personal and have nothing to do with money .Some people just want to see the parents of the kidnapped children suffer in such case the child may even end up dead .

News broke yesterday that four brothers of the Moti family have been kidnapped .The brothers were on their way to school travelling with a bmw along with their driver when people came out of nowhere and tool them .The driver was left unharmed .

So far no ransom has been made for the boys leaving people wondering was this a personal kidnapping. If it was about money by now the kidnappers would have released their ransom fee or what they want for them to return the children.

It has been discovered that the boys are the sons to millionaire businessman in Polokwane Moti.The man is very wealthy and probably the crimimals have been targeting him for a long time .Man like him are usually the target because they know he has millions and would easily pay the random .Also this could have been a a deal gone wrong many businessman have enemies and its possible that one of this man's enemies decided to make him suffer by kidnapping his children.

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