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A baby abandoned and left for dead in the bush

It's not every day you come across a scene of a baby alone in the bush with no one around them. But in South Africa, it has been happening quite often for different reasons.

A Facebook user "Bheki Ntetha" shared a picture of a baby on his Facebook account with the message "Guys can you please help me make this picture trend I want the family of this child to see him, his mother dumps him esiqangaqeni (bush), for me it so painful to see this happening futhi about besfazane (and it's women) please help until the member of the family finds him". Bheki alleged that the baby was abandoned in the bush by his mother. The baby was found just in time he is alive and well.

The Facebook post soon got attention from people, it was shared more than ten thousand times. And also got mixed reactions from people in the comments. Most people felt sorry for the baby, others even offering to take him if the family doesn't come forward to claim him. " I want this baby" one Facebook user commented.

While another Facebook user by the account name, Iam Lorhwnah Morhhongwah was not impressed by the fact that people jumped to conclusions and blamed the mother. " Why would you think it's the mother who dumped the baby, what if it's the dad or highjack went wrong". There was still no information on what had happened for the baby to be abandoned in the field.

There have been many similar cases in the past in South Africa. In most cases, it was found to be young mothers who struggle with the daily challenges of raising the baby and are driven to the unethical cruel decision to dump the baby. The young mothers often find themselves alone with the baby's father abandoning them. Since the introduction of the social grant, the rate of abandoned babies has dropped.

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Bheki Ntetha South Africa


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