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Opinion: More Bad News To Enyobeni Tavern Owner As The Tavern Might Be Demolished Because Of This

It seems like the death of those kids at Enyobeni tavern has brought a spotlight to it. Although it is not something we can be happy about, Enyobeni has gained millions of recognition from all over the country due to the heartbreaking death of 22 teenagers who died there on Sunday morning as they were partying the whole night. Many people have been suspecting that there is something wrong with that tavern, and they want it to be investigated.



Following that, the tavern has been gaining attention from all sides of the country. Due to the investigations that were conducted, it was found that this tavern was never legally registered as a tavern. The stand was for residential purposes, then the owner decided to turn it into a business without following the proper legal documentation. It was also revealed that the building might be demolished because it was built without proper investigations and the structure was not approved. This means that the owner should have applied to change the stand from a residence to a business stand and also hired a proper architect to approve of the double storey.


It was also revealed that they violated trading hours since the tavern had to close at 02:00 on Sunday, but it didn’t and the reports revealed that those kids passed away around 4 in the morning. It seems like everything is coming back to the owner’s head. Although many people are not concerned about that, their main problem is that most of the people who were buying alcohol at that tavern were underage.


 It seems like people are trying to put the blame on the tavern owner. Yes, he was wrong for selling alcohol to children, but it didn’t have to go to the extent of investigating the building and its legal papers. One of the parents made it clear that her child always comes back in the morning every weekend and she’s used to that. Shouldn’t we blame the parents instead? I mean, how does a parent sleep knowing that her 14-year-old daughter is not at home? Please share your views with us.


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