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Stellenbosch Victim Has Finally Broken His Silence

CAPE TWON - A Stellenbosch University understudy, who was the casualty of bigotry, says his victimizer ought to be shown a thing or two.

First-year regulation understudy, Theuns du Toit, entered 20-year-old Babalo Ndwayana's Huis Marais room during the early long stretches of Sunday morning and peed on his review work area.

Ndwayana recorded the episode on his cellphone and the recording has been shared and censured via virtual entertainment.

This is the video that has been coursed showing a white understudy peeing on a dark understudies assets. He has since been suspended from Stellenbosch University.

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EWN Reporter (@ewnreporter) May 16, 2022

Ndwayana, a farming business the board understudy, was snoozing when Du Toit jumped into his room.

Ndwayana laid a criminal protest against Du Toit at Stellenbosch Police Station on Tuesday.

"He just strolled in... I was sleeping... he just strolled in and peed in my stuff". He said 'I'm sitting tight for somebody kid', and from that point forward, he said it's a white kid thing."

Understudies that Eyewitness News addressed Tuesday had blended responses to the episode.

"Equity necessities to occur yet speedier," said one understudy.

One more said that Stellenbosch University was not to fault.

"It wasn't the college's issue, I think the college has done a considerable amount to point out prejudice".

College the board has repeated that Du Toit's super durable removal or potentially criminal accusations against him have not been prohibited as a component of the potential results of the disciplinary interaction against him.

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