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[OPINION] Mantuli Become The Next Home Wrecker After Charity Ramabu In #SkeemSaam

[OPINION] Mantuli Become The Next Home Wrecker After Charity Ramabu In #SkeemSaam



Its a sad part. Meikie is in prison. Her friend is not even happy because she broke her. I feel for Meikie as a mother, I also myself i will do anything for my family but to go on a shooting spree thts a bit extreem. Justice is served doesn't change the fact that Mantuli is a one who is a whole wrecker who slept with the neighbours husband.

Then befriended her In order to keep tabs on their lives. Julie Ntuli is regretting sending her friend to prison now. Not for Mantuli it seems she doesn't know what she wants. The next thing she wants Meikie to be arrested but she doesn't it. She regrets it Meikie is gone she should live with it. Mantuli is going through a breakup ,a breakup with your best friend can be more painful than a breakup with your man.

No justice was least house arrest was going to be fine and understood but this is not fair. Imagine seeing Sifiso everyday instead of Meikie. Justice is served but per Meikie's behavior of smiling and blowing kisses, I can sense her exchange in prison. Someone will server her term without any doubt. I feel like she might come back in future that's why she hired someone to fill her space while in prison.

We welcome the sentence although we dont believe that its her going to prison. No justice was least house arrest would have make Mzansi to have little happy ever ending. Imagine seeing Sifiso everyday instead of Meikie, we will get tired he might end up renting at the back room.of the Maputla's.

The bully mother in law. Maybe Mokgadi will get back to Leeto. Mekie's dream is gonna come true the sekamela's and John sitting on the table I foresee John cohabiting with mantuli. I love skeem saam but I'll watch it again when Mamaputla is back, her best friend had a baby with her husband surely her anger is justified. I think is the way to go out on skeem saam, 10 years is too much unless if they gonna show us everything happen on jail. Skeem saam will never be the same without that woman for me. For now its too boring for me.

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