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22 Million South African flag Causes a Stir on social media. See why

The minister of Arts and Culture recently announced that there is going to be a new South African flag that will glow in the dark. And South Africans are not happy with that.

We have so many South Africans who go to bed hungry and not even one minister lifted a hand to assist. And now they want to donate 22 million to build a flag that glows in the dark?

Debates have been going around on a comparison of the upcoming south African flag together with the Eifel Tower, Statue of Liberty and Christ the Redeemer statue. However it had been pointed out that those statues are a ridiculous expenditure. The Eiffel Tower was built to celebrate 100 years since the French revolution. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France for the US’s liberty. These were to celebrate progress and the betterment of peoples lives. What are we celebrating? Absolutely nothing as a result that the unemployment rate is still going up and more and more people are getting unemployed by the day.

Even if it is a glow in the dark flag still doesn't make sense whatsoever how it would reach 22 Million to get it up and working. The reason behind the whole glow in the dark flag hasn't yet been revealed. Because obviously it isnt to celebrate South Africa in the midst of trouble.

The flag in Eastern cape is only 60meters tall but costed R75 0000, it honestly makes no sense how a 100meter would then cost 22miliion.the difference there is just obsurd.


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