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OPINION : Development Is A Dream In Our Area.

I am from and grew up in the area Called Ngwavuma in KwaZulu Natal. It is a disgrace to be the member of the community of this area , it very sad how slow the development in the area. Maybe when I am saying it slow I am massaging my words but the fact is , there's no development in that area at all and people who are looking for the place it like they don't care about it , it just a shame situation.  

I have been writing for years complaining about the dire situation we are living in in Ingwavuma but not a single leader cares about us. 

We have written to our government to have a municipality in Ingwavuma because we have no water, no electricity, in fact we have nothing , no one can live without water , life is too hard . We currently facing the Corona Virus pandemic but the way things are , we are all going to die because if there's no water , well there's no neatness in the area .

What we are seeing is the arrival of politicians to campaign for the next election. We see in these areas where roads are closed, tires are burned and property is destroyed and government is quick to arrive and respond quickly.

Do we even have to close roads to get a municipality in Ingwavuma?

How many years have we been asking for water from Prime Minister Sihle Zikalalai? Do we have to die to have a municipality or to build a police station in Ingwavuma? 

People are suffering in the area , we seek for help as soon as possible. I am pretty sure there's less places that's still surfer like our area in Ngwavuma . The change is needed .

Please do share your views on the matter said above .

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