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SAPS | Gorgeous female cops with heroic desire

Female officers often approach and solve problems from a different perspective than their male counterparts. It is widely recognised that women cops play a crucial role in responding to and preventing gender violence and crime against women and children.

For women officers, how they are supported as mothers is directly related to their mental health in their job. In other words, supporting women in their dual roles as police officers and mothers is pivotal in order to both promote their careers in policing and ensure their wellbeing. However, policing has a long history of being male-dominated work, which has led to a police culture of hegemonic masculinity that has yet to catch up with the times.

The spirits of the female officers I know are every bit as expansive as their male counterparts. They burn equally with heroic desire, and they’re willing to put themselves on the line. So why aren’t there more of them?

Laws should state that the primary duties of police are to protect victims and potential victims and promote offender accountability by consistently enforcing laws and procedures so that all “honour” crimes and killings are investigated and addressed by the criminal justice system.

The values of the South African Police Service are to:

> protect everyone's rights and to be impartial, respectful, open and accountable to the community.

> Use the powers given to them in a responsible way.

> Provide a responsible, effective and high-quality service with honesty and integrity.

The primary duty of a police officer is to protect people and property. Common duties of police include controlling traffic, patrolling neighbourhoods, responding to emergency calls, writing citations, delivering warrants, arresting violators and submitting incident reports in a timely manner.

Imagine being stopped by a really gorgeous female cop, who asks you to get out of your car and show her your car papers, as opposed to the policemen who always try to swindle money off of you. The SAPS has many gorgeous female cops.

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