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Road Accident

R.I.P. | " This Time They Didn't Miss ". Another Taxi Owner Succumbed To His Injuries

Death is normalised in the taxi industry. If it is not taxi owners and drivers dying every week it is the taxi marshals. Where does the hatred between taxi operators come from?

About four days ago, a taxi owner nearly passed on in a drive-by shooting. The vehicle he was travelling in had nearly 20 bullet holes. Luckily, he was only wounded. The question is why do these people want to kill each other so bad? They have to come to terms with the fact that they will not gain control in every province. You cannot control in KZN and think you will control in Limpopo. Limpopo taxi operators will execute you.

It is with sadness to announce that a man who is believed to be a taxi owner died in a drive-by shooting on Gopalall Hurbans Road in the vicinity of Walter Reid Road, KZN. Reaction Unit Of South Africa were on patrol when they discovered a bullet riddled red Audi on this road on Monday in the early hours of the morning. The said taxi owner was found dead inside his vehicle at approximately 07:37.

No one knows who his murderers are, but the police investigations are underway.

The alleged reason why taxi owners and drivers kill one another is because they want to own many territories at once. They are fighting for commuters. If they win and control more territories they will make more money.

If only they could work together. There would be peace and harmony among them. There wouldn't be a need to shoot one another every week.

Since the South African Taxi Association is independently owned, this organisation has to act as mediators between taxi drivers.

Another solution lies in the successful formalisation of the industry and its full integration into the national public transport strategy. The industry should then benefit from government subsidies, as do the rail commuter and bus services. This would also require the industry to abide by minimum safety standards.

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KZN Limpopo R.I.P.


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