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Zimbabwean Truck Driver Becomes Laughing Stock After Failing To Move A Freightliner

This is a very hilarious video of a Zimbabwe national man who claims to be a truck driver and has bravely went on to look for work and he seems to have found it, but now the time has come for him to prove his skills and prove that he can indeed drive a freightliner truck.

But now when he has to start the vehicle and move it off the parking lot to show the boss that he can do the job he completely fails, and they go on talking about how he has failed his boss because he cannot drive.

With the way he has been bragging to his boss about driving Freightliner trucks in Pretoria, that this is his thing and he knows exactly what to do, but when he gets inside the truck he doesn't know how to drive.

The man claims that he has a code 14 from South Africa and he can definitely drive trucks but from the looks of that he was completely overwhelmed by not knowing what to do soon after starting the truck.

He could start the truck which is simply turning the key in the ignition but after that he couldn't move it from the parkkng and show the boss that he indeed could drive, now many people have taken to social media to laugh at this alleged truck driver for claiming to have skills that he does not have.

And trying to prove something that he couldn't prove which is embarrassing for him in this case and that is exactly what many people are simply criticising him for, we hope that in South Africa we don't have incidences like this which would explain a lot.

Especially in regards to the many accidents caused by truck drivers who perhaps have questionable qualifications, so this is something that has been a source of laughter and many people on social media don't want to comment about how hilarious and embarrassing this alleged truck driver is.

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