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Zimbabweans Who Lived In SA For Over 10 Years Should Be Given Permanent Residence| Opinion.

Those citizens of Zimbabwe who are now residing in South Africa on a ZEP have been given until the 31st of December 2022 to leave the country, as their ZEPs are set to expire on the same day. However, South Africans are adamant that they be sent back to Zimbabwe since they believe that Zimbabweans are responsible for the majority of crimes and unemployment. 

People who have ZEPs have likely been residents of South Africa for more than ten years. They had established a life for themselves, including having children who attended schools on this side of the border and opening bank accounts and other accounts in South Africa. By the 31st of December of this year, each and every one of these things will have come to a conclusion. 

It would be discriminatory and wrong to deport these Zimbabweans who hold ZEPs to another country. This is due to the fact that South Africans typically express their frustration with the fact that illegal immigrants take their jobs and commit crimes. On the other hand, those who carry ZEPs can be tracked down because information about them is stored in the system used by the Department of Home Affairs. Only those illegal immigrants who have already settled in South Africa without leaving a paper trail should be the government's and people's primary concern. 

ZEP holders have been given the option to look for work and seek for additional benefits in South Africa; it would be terrible and inhumane to take these opportunities away from them now. They have spent a minimum number of years in South Africa, and as a result, they ought to be offered the chance to submit an application for permanent residency in South Africa. 

It is not appropriate to pressure someone to immediately leave everything and return home, even if there is nothing else for them to do there. At the very least, the government of South Africa should make it possible for these individuals to get permanent status and should direct its attention solely toward illegal immigration. 

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