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Bushiri fraud case: Co-accused paid 8 Million load behind bars

Willah Mudolo, one of Shepherd Bushiri's co-blamed, figured out how to reimburse a R8.2 million credit - taken out against the property that he expects to use as security whenever conceded bail - while being held in guardianship. 

Mudolo showed up in the Pretoria Magistrate's Court on Monday for the continuation of his bail application, with the State contradicting it. Mudolo, his significant other Zethu, self-broadcasted prophet Bushiri and his better half Mary, and Landiwe Ntlokwana deal with various indictments of misrepresentation, robbery, and illegal tax avoidance corresponding to a speculation trick that purportedly cheated speculators to the tune of R102 million. 

Bushiri and his better half have since fled the nation, getting back to their country of Malawi subsequent to being conceded bail by the Pretoria Magistrate's Court in November. 

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Mudolo, who is a Zambian public, is the lone charged still in authority after his significant other and Ntlokwana were effective in their bail applications which were heard simultaneously as the Bushiris' application. 

Mudolo recently told the court that the bond on his property in South Africa had been paid off and that he proposed on swearing the premises as security for his bail. 


In any case, one of the main examiners for the situation who stood up on Monday contradicting the bail application told the court that Mudolo had an extraordinary advance of R8 248 404.88 which was taken out against the property. 

The extraordinary equilibrium was settled completely while Mudolo, who was captured on 17 October, was imprisoned in Kgosi Mampuru jail. 

"This shows to me that blamed number 1 [Mudolo] approaches tremendous measures of assets even while imprisoned and hence stays a significant flight hazard," the exploring official told the court. In an affirmation, the organization which conceded Mudolo the credit affirmed that the extraordinary sum had been paid and furthermore recorded the dates when installments were made by an organization, of which Mudolo is a chief. 

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After his capture, huge sums including an installment of R2 million were made, as indicated by the sworn statement. 

Flight hazard 

The examining official additionally definite proof that Mudolo on three distinct events, without further ado before his capture, had visited OR Tambo International Airport. These excursions to the air terminal were directed on 13, 16 and 17 October after Mudolo was made mindful that he was being explored. 

As per the researching official, Mudolo's visa was checked for a trip to Dubai. He at that point called Mudolo's lawyers who called Mudolo to disclose to him not to get onto the flight. 

On 16 October, Mudolo's identification was filtered again for another trip to Dubai. 

The Hawks at that point went to capture Mudolo, however he had left the air terminal without loading onto the flight, the court heard. After a day, his visa was filtered for a third time, yet he was captured before he could load up. 

His better half was captured at their home in Sandhurst around the same time. CCTV film was additionally delivered as proof which caught Mudolo at the air terminal when that his identification had been examined. 

International IDs 

The examining official additionally affirmed that Mudolo had more than one identification, one of which had some unacceptable date of birth enlisted. This visa was purportedly used to enroll organizations, open ledgers, and used to get hitched to his better half, who is a South African. 

He had likewise utilized this identification to travel broadly as of late as 2018, the court heard. It was set on record that this visa, and at any rate one other, was as yet in the ownership of Mudolo. 

The court likewise heard that Mudolo has property and a ledger with assets in the United Kingdom which further reinforced the State's position that he was a significant flight hazard. 

The court was told Mudolo and his better half are blamed for assuming a urgent part in the supposed venture trick and that they can in any case be arraigned effectively even without the Bushiris being available in court. 

This was in answer to the guard who said it was obscure what amount of time the removal cycle would require and in the event that it would even be fruitful, subsequently prejudicing Mudolo, who will be in authority until the finish of the preliminary if not conceded bail. 

It has likewise been claimed that Mudolo approached PDAs while in authority, and that one of the telephones was utilized to speak with an obscure individual who talked about having contacts that could encourage a pay off in court. The bail application has been deferred to Tuesday where the protection will question the examining official.


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