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Theft robbery

Watch: People stealing at a jewellery store in gate way mall

South Africa is one of the counties in the world with the highest crime rate. This seem to be one of the huge problems which South Africa is facing. Surely there must be something that needs to be done in order to reduce the crime rate in South Africa.

In this video we see people robbing a jewellery store at a gate way mall in Umhlanga. These criminals seem to not want anything to be left behind in the store as they seem to be stealing every thing in the store.

These criminals even brought a huge bag they surely came very prepared to steal in this jewellery store.

Something should be done about this as we can't let crime keep raising in South Africa. The people of South Africa also should do something about this, as this is something that is affecting every one in South Africa. Because now when these people stole in this jewellery store, people could lose their jobs because of these criminals actions.

South Africans should report crime or in this case if maybe there was someone who spotted anyone who was involved in this crime, they should go report them to the police, because the police can't be the only ones who are trying to protect the country. The people also should be involved in reducing the crime rate in South Africa.


Crime is a huge problem that South Africa is facing, the government should do something about this. Maybe if they could hire more people in the police department this could help. Creating more jobs for people is another way that could reduce crime rates in South Africa. If many people are employed the country could experience less crime. 

To watch the video click on the link below.

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