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Road Accident

“Not Us Getting So Drunk That The Car Rolled Over”


It is a shame that as a nation we have accustomed ourselves to making even the most gruesome events a joke. A lady by the name of Ma Pukana from Western Cape, Cape Town went to her Facebook timeline and posted about a car accident she and her friends were involved in. Although she deleted the post recently, I took several screenshots.

In the caption she reveals that they were so drunk that the car rolled over but the strange thing about this is that she found humor in such a terrible situation.

Firstly, it is illegal to drink and drive, they could face charges because of the post Ma Pukana shared on social media. Secondly, there is no way possible that any car insurance would pay out even if the owner of the car would make claims.

It is worrisome that instead of feeling regretful, the people who were involved in this are actually humored by it. Although Ma Pukana assured her Facebook friends that they were all unscathed, but a lot could have gone wrong. They could have all lost their lives or even take the lives of others.

It seems that the youth of South Africa does not learn how dangerous driving while drunk really is. Just a few months back Killer Kau and Mpura lost their lives in a terrible car accident... you’d think people would now understand the risks involved.

Nobody should be driving while they are under the influence of alcohol. We even have Bolt and Uber in South Africa, people can just request cabs from these apps after they are done drinking as opposed to drinking and driving. These apps are affordable because they do not charge you per seat, but charge you based on the distance you’re going to travel from where you are to where your destination will be, so people should consider this option and just split the bill.

She has since deleted the post because her followers advised her to do so.

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