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She needs help😥 please share this

An old woman needs help from the government because she is staying in the house whereby even monkeys can't stay. The government must help this poor is not good because as you see this house it seems like when the rain start to rain, the poor lady Is she starting to be and awkward situation because everything going to be damaged inside the house.that lady is even making fire inside the house. It seems like it is cooking on that fire. This lady doesn't have a stove to cook in the house as you can see the inside of this house it is very very disappointing. It seems like it this lady is sleeping in the floor because there is no bad inside the house. The government must really really help this family.there is no way people like Patrice motsepe let people I like this woman suffer, there is no way!! theis no way someone can have triple billion in the bank card and let people suffer.people must contribute and help poor families.look how this house in the back have been balanced. It is so sad to see people suffer like this. At least the week is South Africa we have to come up with any bright ideas to help with the Poor families around South Africa.Atleast if everyone can take only R2 contribution to their salaries to help poor families that will be much appreciated.pls share perhaps someone can help this poor lady

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