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Meet Tokyo Sexwale's ex-wife.

Tokyo Sexwale was born in Orlando West, South Africa, in 1953. His dad was a veteran of World War II. This means that he fought in the European war that Hitler started and then used gas chambers to kill a lot of Jews.

Tokyo went to high school in Orlando, but some of his college education was in Swaziland, Botswana, and Lesotho. He also went to the Soviet Union and worked on his strategy there. He got 18 years in prison after being found guilty of psychological oppression. While he was in jail, he met Judy Van Vuuren. She used to work at a law firm in Cape Town. She is a lot younger than Tokyo Sexwale.

When DeKlerk took charge of the government in 1989, he lifted the ban on the ANC. In 1990, he let all political prisoners go. Since then, Sexwale has been in jail for 13 years. Not long after he gave birth, he and Judy got the bunch. Chris and Gabriele are Van Vuuren's children. After 21 years, the two people broke up. The breakup was terrible, and both sides made a lot of bad claims against each other. She said that he had shot her out of the house. Before they broke up, each of them used to live in Boksburg.


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