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Potholes hurting travelers between Giyani and Modjadjiskoof, Limpopo

On the Branboontjies route in Limpopo, between Giyani and Modjadjiskloof, drivers claim there are several potholes that are significantly hurting their ability to make a living. Between Mooketsi and Modjadjiskloof and Mooketsi and Giyani, there is a section of road that passes through a number of business sites, including farms, a school, and industries. According to drivers, the business community has filled the potholes multiple times, but they quickly disappear.


Between Maphalle and Modjadjiskloof, students from Platland Primary School travel to the agricultural school. They go every day from their houses in Moeketsi down the road, which is full of potholes. Abel Sithole, the bus driver, claims that the road conditions make his job challenging. Every day, I drive students from Mooketsi to Platland Primary School. I find it challenging to do my duties because of these potholes, which occasionally result in bus breakdowns. I wish the government could repair this road.

Sithole claims that because of damage from potholes, his employer frequently needs to spend a lot of money fixing the bus. "The cost of repairing the bus is pretty high. Because their parents don't want them to miss school, we frequently need to request lifts for the kids when there is a breakdown. Francois Mare and Samuel Kubayi, two more drivers, claim that fixes no longer work and that the tar on the road has to be entirely scraped and redone.

"Well, I believe the government could have done more; they might have devised a strategy to remove the tar road between the holes." 2. They continue to patch the potholes, yet nothing changes and the situation stays the same." Witness Tiva, a spokeswoman for the Limpopo Department of Public Works, says the department has put aside more than R100 million to repair potholes on highways. "We have set aside R135 million to ensure that we do at least 12% of our road network; there is a shortfall of about R400 million that we need to ensure that our road network is pothole-free, and Sanral is also coming on board to ensure that they rehabilitate roads that have outlived their useful life; they have set aside R800 million for these roads."


Content created and supplied by: Solly_bombe (via Opera News )

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