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In Shock| Cleaners Found This In The Toilet At Hazyview T-Junction Mall.

A very shocking incident has left many shoppers traumatized at the T-Junction Mall at Hazyview, Mpumalanga.Apparently the cleaners were busy with their work and when they went to the toilet to clean.They actually came across a foetus inside the toilet and seemingly couldn't be flushed out.

It is allegedly believed that a woman had performed an illegal termination right on the premises of the mall and used the toilet.

According to the eye witnesses, there was no blood traced and seems like the woman wiped all the blood but the foetus disappointed her.Eventually the woman did not want the child and decided to terminate through illegal abortion since her pregnancy was over limited weeks.The woman couldn't go to the hospital since she knew it was too late for her to abort.

Then she decided to terminate illegally and left the foetus in the toile since it was already big and couldn't be flushed out.

The cleaners at the mall were left traumatized by the whole incident as they have never seen such a thing before.They were all shocked and they pleaded other women not to do illegal terminations.The mall still has no idea of the woman who actually performed the illegal abortion right in their premises.It is very troubling how the woman managed to perform the termination all alone and no one saw anything.

Perhaps she had someone who helped her perform the abortion but had to to be done at the mall.It is a very heartbreaking incident and people were left sad after seeing that the foetus was already big.

It was only a matter of few months before the foetus fully grow and get the chance to be live like other babies.But sadly, the mother decided to abort and left the foetus to traumatize the cleaners of T-Junction Mall at Hazyview.

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