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He Shot His Wife & Daughter, Killer Cop Gets Life Sentence After Appealing 30-Year Jail Term

South Africa is a country that has many problems and including them is the violence that is being perpetrated by the criminals in the country, and that is definitely a serious problem that we are experiencing unfortunately that is why we need to ensure that we prevent any kind of criminality that is happening in the country.

killer cop’s sentence got revised from 30 years to life behind bars after appeal, whoever appealed this matter is definitely a hero because this should be a situation that proves to many people that they shouldn't even think about killing another soul.

Otherwise they will never be able to see their freedom ever again, if the government is having a tough time being able to reinstate the life sentence then at least they can imprison people for the rest of their lives if they have proven to be some serious criminals.

He fatally shot his wife and daughter with witnesses in the house, it seems like this incident happened while he was at home with his family and it doesn't make sense why it even got to such a situation because we hope that people can be much more civilized instead of engaging in such activities.

Benedict Peloeole was not happy with the sentence and enlisted his Legal Aid attorney to appeal to the Supreme Court of Appeal to revise it, for some reason this individual thought that he would receive a smaller sentence for what he has done but since he has bothered they stayed with this they have increased his sentence.

Benedict was a police officer attached to the VIP Protection Unit of the President of the Republic of South Africa, this is definitely a great honour for one person to wake up one day and throw it all away it is so disappointing that many people do not even understand the situation that they are in.

He killed his wife Keitumetse Peloeole who was 42 years old and his daughter Tsholofelo who was 23 years old with a work pistol in Pretoria West, this is definitely a story that would come out of a horror movie.

It is concerning to a lot of people that something like this can even be happening, we hope that the members of the public can be in a situation where there do not allow such crimes to happen.

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