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Bad News For Foreigners As The PA Shuts Down areas Occupied By Nigerians.

As the PA shuts down a 15-year-old village occupied by Nigerians and Zimbabweans, immigrants are breathing through the wound. 

Foreigners are now being targeted left and right, indicating that Gayton McKenzie and the PA are serious about their aim. That's it in terms of a job and a place to live. 

Gayton Mckenzie took to social media this morning to announce that the PA was targeting not only illegal immigrants, but also legal immigrants who were filling jobs that could easily be filled by South Africans. 

Gayton and the PA have been on the streets of Johannesburg in recent days, seeking justice and answers from immigrants. The PA is currently shutting down a 15-year-old community called Lapland, which has been populated by Nigerians and Zimbabweans next to Eldorado Park, according to the inspirational leader's social media posts this morning. 

@GaytonMcK "Today, PA is beginning to close down Lapland, a 15-year-old town occupied by Nigerians and Zimbabweans next to Eldorado Park @OnsBaizaNie, which is here unlawfully and should leave." 


It's puzzling how a village occupied by Nigerians and Zimbabweans has remained undiscovered by South African law enforcement for almost 15 years. Perhaps the true issue here isn't the foreigners, but rather the laws of South Africa. The lack of service in South Africa has allowed foreigners to come and stay in peace, knowing that the law enforcement will not intervene. Home Affairs and the SAPS should be held responsible since we would not be in this situation if they had done their jobs. We need a new government that will listen to us and serve our needs. The ANC had 28 years to fix this, but they failed. Of course, 100 percent employment is one of them. Source:

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