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Julius Malema turns into father Christmas

We may be two months away from Christmas Day but that has not stopped EFF leader Julius Malema from playing Santa Claus. While Father Christmas will come with gifts, Malema visited communities this week with a bagful of promises, some unrealistic...

In this article, we are going to repaint a complete picture =of what Malema is promising to the voters. Starting with his promises that those who get grants must not pay for electricity and water bills under his government. South Africa has one of the most extensive social welfare systems among developing countries in the world. In South Africa today, 12.4 million people receive some form of a social grant provided by the government.

If these people are allowed to use electricity for free plus the illegal connections there is no way Eskom can last for more than five years before it collapses. Just last year Eskom made nearly R5 billion in losses and now add to that when all the grants recipients are now getting it for free.

Land expropriation without compensation is the most dangerous promise because unlike electricity and load shedding that people can manage to work around nobody has a solution for managing hunger. Right now 18% of South Africans are struggling to eat two meals a day.

When the agricultural system collapse through nationalizations of farms in particular and land in general there will be riots in the streets. South Africans will not tolerate becoming another Zimbabwe in the region. We as an industrialized country we can find ourselves going backs into farms and plant food for ourselves.

Politicians like actors can say and do anything for money as long as the producers are not labeling the movies "Not good for the living human beings".

Just like what is now universally agreed upon when it comes to cigarettes and tobacco, it's now the responsibility of the media to label some of the promises that are coming out of politicians that are not good for your health or the health of your country.

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