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Mum-Of-Three Caught Trying To Sell Her Kids To Total Strangers ‘To Pay Off Debt’

A woman was taken into custody after she allegedly attempted to sell her seven-year-old son to strangers for $4,000.

The 36-year-old mother of three is accused of trying to sell her son to pay off her debts by advertising his services online and then meeting with "buyers" at a shopping mall.

Volunteers for an anti-slavery organization responded to her ads, leading to the arrest of the 36-year-old woman, only identified as Nargiza.

A mother of three was recently apprehended after attempting to "pay off debt" by selling her children to strangers for $4,000.

Alternativa members posed as prospective adoptive parents and met with Nargiza, who allegedly told them that she "didn't mind" having her seven-year-old son adopted by a different family in exchange for financial compensation.

As a result of the sting operation, R Nargiza was revealed at a time when there was heightened awareness in Russia of the trafficking of children into sexual slavery and the selling of their body parts to criminal groups.

An official from the charity said, "We held out hope until the very end that the whole thing was an elaborate hoax perpetrated by someone in search of easy cash.

When our team and the OCIG agents went to see the "deal," they actually witnessed the sale of the child.

It has been reported that Nargiza "accepted the money and transferred the child to a person she did not know." Woman with Three Kids Attempts to Sell Them to Complete Strangers for $4,000.

The 36-year-old lady was arrested, and her son from a previous relationship—whom her current husband apparently despises—was transported to a hospital for medical care.

"Nargiza explained that her husband did not like her eldest son, and they chose to sell the child to pay off their responsibilities," an Alternative spokesman said.

A mother of three was caught on camera offering her children to complete strangers for the sum of £4,000. She supposedly needed the cash "to pay off debt."

As Oleg Melnikov of Alternativa had previously warned, Russian women have "low moral standards," and they increasingly give money problems as the reason for selling their children.

In addition, he added, "It is common knowledge that these kids have no way of obtaining proper identification. Both paedophiles and the homeless will steal them.

Fears that children may be flogged for their organs are shared by many.


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