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What This Young Man and Girl Was Caught Doing On The Street Is Very Shameless.

We frequently assume that because someone is old, they are immediately smart, and thus possess some well-mannered features and general beneficial characteristics from which we may learn and copy even at a young age. 

The reality, however, differs from this notion, and a new video making waves on the internet confirms the reality that old age does not always imply wisdom. A very old man who appears to be more than three times the age of a young lady he was dancing inappropriately with was caught on camera and posted to Instagram. 

It takes little to no persuasive evidence to conclude that the two adults were carelessly displaying major indicators of immaturity. They were commended for their public exhibition of shamelessness was hailed and photographed by like minded individuals who were present at the scene of the heinous crime. 

If our elders and leaders, who are supposed to know better and do better, engage in such public behavior, what do they expect from us?

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