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Meet The Man Who turned An Airplane Into His Home And The Inside Looks Pretty Special

Bruce Campell, a retired electrical engineer, has always had a distinct point of view. He paid $23,000 on a 10-acre tract of land in Hillsboro, Oregon's woods while still in his twenties, with a very precise plan for what he planned to do with it. He transformed an old plane and a vast plot of land into the world's most bizarre home.

Since he was a child, Campbell has had a fascination in mucking around with and repurposing old items. He intended to build a house for himself on this parcel of land, using freighters as the primary building material. Campbell's concept seemed revolutionary until he learned about another house that had been built. Bruce Campbell met Mississippi hairstylist Joanne Ussery through a mutual friend about two decades after he devised his scheme. She'd bought a Boeing 727 and converted it into a home. Her old home was damaged by a horrific fire, so she opted to relocate to an aviation hangar on the banks of a quiet river instead. Campbell's attention was drawn to this, and he rethought his plan as a result.

And he changed a lot of things! Continue to the next page to discover how Campbell accomplished it, as well as some pictures.

An airplanes was turned into a residence with an astonishing interior by a man.

In In 1999, Campbell paid a whopping $100,000 for an Olympic Airways Boeing 727. After purchasing the plane, he needed to transport the enormous truck from the Oregon wilderness to the plane. The plane had to be brought all the way from Athens, Greece, which caused a transportation issue. After all was said and done, the transportation costs came to roughly $120,000, equating to a plane purchase price of $200,000. He, on the other hand, thought the plane was well worth it.

The plane's cabin is well-appointed with all of the creature comforts you could want. Several original parts of the plane have been retained, including several seats and the restroom. Campbell also installed the washing machine and sink.

Campbell's one-of-a-kind home, a Boeing 727, is spacious, yet he reduces his amenities to a bare minimum. He eats cereal and canned products as his main sources of nutrition. He also creates a lot of his own gear, such as the futon he sleeps and cooks on.

We're not sure we'd want to live in an airplane like Campbell, but we like what he's accomplished thus far! Have you given this plane a thorough examination? It must be thrilling to have accomplished something so significant.


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