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Road Accident

Pictures & Video: An Area Was Left On Fire Last Night After A Fuel Tanker Exploded

It has been confirmed that at least nine people with certified dead in a horrific incident that occurred last night, while dozens are still fighting for their lives in hospital after a fuel tanker exploded in their suburb. The authorities have revealed that they expect more debts as many people were severely burned meaning they could not make it out of hospital, most of them are still struggling as they are still trying to fight for their lives but it does not look promising for many.

The accident was caused by a truck carrying fuel that collided with another truck, the one carrying fuel immediately exploded causing the whole place to be on fire and that is how many people died. The accident left a lot of people in critical conditions while some died on the spot, it is very sad and the people who have died have not yet been identified by their families. 84 bodies have already been taken to a Mortuary, so the families will be identifying them from there. 

The truck that caused the accident is considered road unworthy, because it cannot be driven recklessly when it's carrying something that could kill dozens of people. The bad part is that trucks travel for long distances and the drivers do not get to rest and that is why they mostly find themselves sleeping, which causes them to be involved in serious accidents. The companies should make sure that they send out at least two or three drivers, so that it will be much better as they will be able to be switching once the other one is tired. It will be better and many lives will be saved, because as it is now you can tell that the driver of the truck probably died too during the accident.

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