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Foreign Nationals Fear For Their Lives As SAPS Raid Johannesburg Buildings

Foreign nationals in Hillbrow, Johannesburg have been unsettled for quiet a while now that we have incidences where such individuals are found in the streets obviously buildings which do not belong to them.

People have been very much comfortable with their living situations in the area and that is something which has made a lot of people curious about the situation which they find themselves in, this is something which has made people very curious about.

Police found one of the occupants hiding under the fabric he uses for his business and he was a tailor and he simply flashed a huge smile when the police officer couldn’t find him and finally dragged him out the linen he was using, the Metro Police asks for his documentation and response he couldn’t give the officer a reasonable explanation as to why he was in the country but had no documents.

There are poor living conditions in some of the buildings with four occupants sharing a room and that is the unfortunate thing about the situation of these individuals in these areas, there is also a bad smell with loaded rubbish bins on the ground floor.

More buildings are being raided and more occupants searched, we are talking about buildings which have been hijacked because they areostly occupied by criminals who take up rentals from the people who to side in them of course all this is completely illegal and that why the buildings were raised by the police.

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