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Road Accident

Driver was allegedly driving at over 250Km/h, lost control and the car fell into the bridge at 250km

As festive holidays are fast approaching, South Africa is more likely to experience a high rate of accidents and a lot of people are going to be injured some might even lose tbeir lives.

Now pictures of a badly damaged car which one can assume that it is beyond repair have been trending on Social media.

It is alleged that the driver of the car was driving at a very high speed of 256KM pee hour and in the middle of that he lowt control of the vehicle and fell straight into the bridge.

In the process of falling into the bridge the cwr did not have a safe landing, it collided with the bridge hall before it could finally land on the ground.

And looking at the pictures and how the car is damaged it is more likely that the driver survived this accident.

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