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Cele breaks his silence 'Police officers may soon not be allowed weekends off' here is why? Read.

There's a possibility that police officers won't be able to take weekends off for a while. Bheki Cele, the country's police minister, believes this is because most crimes occur on the weekends.

He claims that the process of putting the modifications into effect has proceeded to a more advanced stage. The Gugulethu and Nyanga area companies, the Community Police Forum, and Neighbourhood Watches were all in attendance for a stakeholder's engagement meeting to discuss the high crime rate in their communities.

According to Cele, "Serious crimes begin Thursday through Sunday and Monday morning, where you see dead bodies and abused women and all of that," so most police officers will have to be out on the streets and available to respond to the communities, and then on those less criminal days, they can take their vacations.

During a community engagement in Gugulethu, Cele loses her cool and lashes out.

As part of Tuesday's Gugulethu community engagement event in Cape Town, an angry Cele slammed a civic organization official with a chair.

Prior to this, the minister was criticized by Action Society's Ian Cameron for not recognizing victims' human rights. He also accused Cele of arriving to meetings with strong police escorts that were not afforded to other individuals.

During Cele's speech, Cameron stood up and appeared to respond to him.

In response to Cele's question, "Don't come here and tell me about human rights, don't come here and tell me about the safety of my people, I fought for it, I was arrested for it, I nearly died for it, and I was exiled and I'm not going to take any nonsense of somebody who regards me as a garden boy today because you regard me as a garden boy today, you come here, shut up."

"I sat here and listened to you, young man, sit down or leave."

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