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SAD: He Was Beaten To Death By The Chief

It was brought to light that a a man residing in Venda has lost his life under the hands of mob justice... While he was innocent and for some reason he won't get justice.

Mukundi was accused of a crime he didn't commit, he was accused of of stealing car keys as well as a wallet... Even though the person who had stolen the keys and wallet had returned them by the guilty person, they didn't let him go in fact he was beaten to death.

He's trending all over social media as we speak, the people of South African they want justice as we speak they're a lot of people who have lost their lives but as a result they didn't get justice.

The chief sounds to me like a very evil man because he was the person who has beaten Mukundi to death, he has blood on his hands and he has to face the music for his actions.


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