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Tips On How To Catch A Witch - Opinion

Many of us want to think that knowledge is the panacea for superstition. However, the roots of our views are stranger and more frightening than we realize. Even the most educated people can be influenced by the atmosphere and environment, leading them to believe in the existence of dark forces.

Some of the procedures used to "prove" whether a person was guilty or innocent during the Salem Witch Trials were absurd, as we now know. However, if you want to use some of them for yourself,


A lady who keeps pets, or even just says hi to the cat next door, is undoubtedly utilizing that animal as a familiar. In fact, it was considered that if a fly or a rat entered a woman's cell while she was awaiting trial, the witch had summoned a familiar to do her bidding.



If the suspected witch weighs more or less than the stack of Bibles, she is certainly guilty of witchcraft. She'll be fine if the scales balance out. You might imagine that finding the correct balance wasn't easy.

 Make a cake for a witch.


You might be wondering what a witch cake is. It's something you definitely don't want to consume. You combine the urine of those who are supposed to be under the witch's spell with rye meal and form a little patty. The patty is then fed to a dog. Because some of the energies the witch used to put a spell on the sick individuals were in their urine, the witch will be wounded if the dog eats the cake, and she will scream in pain.

Try these methods to catch the witch that you suspect in your family, and if they work, leave a comment down below.

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