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Road Accident

Young female traffic cop caused a commotion on social media. Here's why

Traffic Officers enforce the rules of the road and signs. They ensure that all road users including pedestrians use the roads in an orderly and safe manner. Traffic enforcement is normally referred to, as the supervision of road users' compliance, with the traffic legislation, and punishment for non-compliance. The aim of enforcement is to prevent the occurrence of road traffic violations by means of control and punitive sanctions.

The two primary goals of traffic law enforcement are to: promote sustained compliance with traffic laws through deterrence, prevent hazardous traffic situations from occurring and thus prevent or reduce the number of traffic accidents.

A youngest female traffic cop has been spotted in South Africa. She is from Gauteng and her name is Zandile. What South Africa noticed about her is that she has a visible tattoo on her left hand. This has caused a commotion on social media.

Are traffic cops allowed to have tattoos? According to my understanding, visible tattoos are not permitted. I feel as long as they are not offensive or make a radical political statement that offends public sensibilities, they should be allowed.

This is the big issue that police departments struggle with. Officers will not be allowed to have tattoos on the hands, neck, or face.

Law Enforcement officers are not allowed to have beards, their hair may not be below the collar of their uniforms, and they cannot have any visible tattoos. The reason behind this big step is they feel that tattoos are threatening and offensive.

These days tattoos are as common as any other fashion accessories on one’s body. This tattoo culture is well-accepted in every corner of the world except a few countries like Japan. It is not a taboo in major parts of the world. The culture is becoming more and more popular since its inception.

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