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Check out this 23-year-old woman who uses her toes instead of her arms and hands.

Disabled people have never had it easy, and they will never have it easy. Considering that we've all heard tales of people who have attempted suicide as a way of their disability, those who have committed suicide as a result of their impairment should be honored.

Kashmiere Culbertson is a role model for many persons with disabilities. She's been that way for so long. Many people find it difficult to comprehend that this 23-year-old dark-skinned American girl was conceived without arms. On August 12th, 1998, she was born.

The vast majority of persons who resemble Kashmiere have abandoned their lives. Kashmiere, on either hand, has resolved to work hard to achieve her objectives.

Kashmiere has been born with a disability, but that didn't seem to stop her from making a living as an artist. She also instructs others how to achieve huge goals by using their toes.

Because she is so lovely and comfortable in her appearance, no one notices that she is missing her hands.

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Kashmiere Kashmiere Culbertson


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