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Eskom Warns Of High Risk Of Load Shedding Change Due To State Of Power Plant

The electricity outage currently experienced across the country has put Eskom in a precarious position. The power utility gave a warning to its valued customers that there's going to be probability of occurance of damage, starting from Tuesday afternoon.

The unpleasant situation is being triggered by many generation units which are not working on 100% efficiently and some of them were grounded yester night due to protest action which disturbs maintenance.

As it stands, Eskom has no other options but to migrate from stage 4 to stage 6 load shedding as from 4pm until 10pm Tuesday, with stage 4 to resume again from 10pm to midnight.

Wednesday morning, things will be less tense as load shedding takes place at Stage 2 until 5am. Later on from 5am to 4pm Wednesday, power outage will be implemented at Stage 4.

Stage 6 of load shedding will then again be in place from 4pm to 10pm Wednesday evening.

All the reasons for customers experiencing the inconvenience is being levelled against Eskom workers allegedly taking part in unlawful and unprotected labour action.

The industrial labour action has caused multiple damage to Eskom's power plants, thereby need to resort to precautionary tactic to sustain or conserve power generation capacity and shield power plant from damage.

If push comes to shove, stage of load shedding may have to change for worse at an moment, that is a high risk which customers might face.

This comes as a saddening experience as the whole of the country is affected, moving to load shedding Stage 6, with the exception of Cape Town. The Mother City will be on stage 4 from 4pm until midnight Tuesday.

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