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Zimbabwean Used Fake ID To Rent A Car & Disappeared

A rental company wants help finding this guy who hired a car from their Business and has since varnished into thin air, but of course as a member of the public you know how these Suspects operate and you know very well that they are full of tricks.

Trackers were removed, he called to say he was hijacked but has failed to come meet them to discuss the details but chances are he might of flat with the vehicle two locations are known and they are never going to see or hear from him.

The suspect is believed to have simply disappeared with the vehicle and that is what is causing the people who are involved to be seriously worried about the fact that it might have disappeared forever, and they are likely not to even see the vehicle again.

It is their prerogative to ensure that they have enough information about the people they loan cars to, but it is clear that they didn't do their due diligence in ensuring that the vehicle would come back and now they are asking social media users for help in recovering the vehicle.

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