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Video | 2 Police Man Caught Taking The Law Into Thier Own Hands

Just when a lot of us were starting to make peace with the fact that our police are sometimes very useless when it comes to fighting crime and there's nothing thing we can do about it except keep calling them for help and hope they get us what we want, It seems like the police are still now where near getting arrests right they still out there handing cases the other way round which is very bad.

Talking about police handling cases the other way round, There's a video making rounds on social media exposing some 2 police man caught on camera beating an unknown white guy, reason being that he called them for help, but they couldn't help, so they turned to beating him. Have a look at some snaps of that video below

Video link :

Well although the theory alleging that they were beating him as seen on the video because they couldn't help him has not been proven to be true yet,Here's what various South Africans has been saying about this very same incident of social media (read thier comments in the screenshoots attached below please)

So now with allbthis being said what is it that you as an individual have to say right now with things being this way? I mean as much as the reason of why they were beating him is unknown the police are usually the first one's to come rescue people from mob justice attacks saying no one has the right to beat someone,But now the very same police are caught atbit as you can see from the video so now what it is that you have to say when things are like this?

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