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Illegal immigrants Will Finally Be Arrested For Roaming Around The Streets At Night || See Why



The people of South Africa have been wondering and thinking about what will it take for foreigners to stop roaming around the streets. This is because there is a huge cry that there are foreigners that are busy roaming around the streets committing crimes and taking our girls so they can trade them to Nigerians.

It is always a huge blunder to South Africans that some police officers have now engaged themselves in assisting foreigners to do this successfully. This is because most of the police officers do get a commission for complying with what foreigners want and this always sends a bad image to the state.

Finally, South Africans will be happy that the police officers will be expected to arrest foreigners that will be roaming around at night. This is because the Eldorado Park police station has now taken a mandate that they will stretch their line of duty so that they can do better in solving crimes in the country. It will be for the first time where police officers will be doing what South Africans want as it has been one of the things they want to be fulfilled.

This will keep the country safe from being tortured in the hands of foreigners as they are the ones that mostly d hurt South Africans. The issue of illegal immigrants being deported has now started as many issues need to be addressed first. The only progress that has been made is that of not allowing foreigners to use another entrance route to South Africa of which the South African defence force have attended to the matter.

What is your intake on this and why?

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