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Immigration policy

" We don't want Zimbabweans and Mozambicans here. Enough Is enough", Diepsloot residents

South Africans and migrants, particularly Zimbabweans, have been divided for a long time because of this isolation. Now it appears that Mozambicans, too, are caught up in the same strong hatred and separatism as their South African neighbors.

They believe illegal immigrants are the primary cause of their family's joblessness in South Africa. Many people, including companies, claim that Zimbabweans are less expensive to hire than South Africans because they don't want to pay as much.

This time, the South Africans and the foreigners are fighting for more than just employment. It's all about the RDP homes.... Residents of Diepsloot are upset. Zimbabweans and Mozambiqueans, they believe, own most of Riverside's RDP homes. Coercion is being used as a means of removing them. There are a large number of persons in this country who were born and raised here but are homeless. RDPs have been applied for by some for years, but they continue to live in the shacks in Diepsloot extension one to this day.

It's just plain wrong. South Africans benefited from the allocation of RDP homes, not the other way around. There are corrupt persons involved if migrants can own them, and this must be addressed.

This could trigger a spike in xenophobic violence in the near future. Diepsloot locals don't back down from plans, no matter how risky they may be.

Sale of RDP homes is prohibited. The person or persons responsible for the sale of these residences will serve a lengthy prison sentence.

Many residents of Diepsloot sold their RDP homes, which was surprising. This is an extremely dangerous purchase for a buyer because the title deed will not be amended if you purchase an RDP house. As a result, if the rightful owner wishes to reclaim his or her property, the law will be on their side.


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