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Gay people were harassed by group of people

Andile and his friends were involved in homophobia attack this past Sunday,after leaving club with his friends,they were 6 of them and they never thought something could happen to them.11+ guys came out of nowhere these guys marked them when they walking because they know it's close and started harrasing them, some of his friends fought off but mostly ran,they took their phones and said they won't listen gay people and start beating them up only two of them were left.they were submitted to their hospital,they been to hospital for days and they are brutally injured, Andile was so brave that he went to Facebook talk about his incident, some people are so evil that they can do this to human being. Andile and his friends are slowly recovering. This really hurt that we are not safe in our own country and really feel so for them, by the grace of god they god they survived.

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