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A woman was found stuck inside the house in Alexandria, look what she was doing there at night

10 August 2022


Community of Alexandria have reported soma news this morning that an elderly female was found inside a house in Alexandria. This women was found stuck inside the house not moving. This happened because the family did put somethings in their house to make them strong from witchcraft or those who steal.

But sadly this women was found inside the house fully dressed. The family is still confused if the women came into the house to steal or she came to perform som witchcraft in the family. They actually don't understand what the women was doing inside their house. She actually doesn't want to tell them what she was doing.

It's actually look like the woman came inside the house at night because they found her inside around 5 in the morning. The family still want answers from her but she is not giving them any. She is acting like a mad women but she is not.

The family made it clearer that thay don't know this woman and they never met his before. That why they think she came to steal but it rare to find an old women stealing especially at night. That is why the family is actually confused on what the woman was doing.

They actually called the police but the women is acting all crazy as if she has a mental illness. But she doesn't look like someone who stays on the streets. There are those who think that the women might have lost her way to her house.

But if that was the case she was going to screem or talk she was not going to stuck said the family. A person get Trapped only if there were doing something bad. It's either stealing or doing witchcraft. The community is still talking with this women to understand.

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