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The Curfew is no longer needed, but its still being used to control people. This is why. Opinion.

As of today we are currently in level two lockdown. This means that the Government no longer sees Covid 19 as enough if a threat to justify level three rules. Level two lockdown gives people greater freedom of movement as well as the ability to do more things, more importantly it's gives the economy a better chance of growing. So through all of this, why is there still a curfew. Especially when that curfew covers hours late at night. I took a look into this and here is what. I found. Before I explain, take look at the parameters for the new curfew.

The curfew hours are listed for times that many people do not go out. Late at night where, unless someone's loves the nightlife lifestyle, it won't really affect them. Because their are no crowds at this time of the night and there are very little facilities open, the avenues for the spread of Covid 19 are almost non existent. So why is a curfew like this still in effect if it affects almost no one. The answer may actually surprise you. These are the consequences of staying out past this curfew.

In history curfews have been used to restrict, control and manipulate the Lifestyles of people. It's very simple, if they can tell you when not to go out, than they control your movement and Lifestyle. While it seems like a necessary measure against the Coronavirus, it's legitimacy fades away when you think about how people can freely move about during the day, but not during the night. When people are told not to go out at night it can affect many different things, from their ability to enjoy the nightlife to bankrupting business that operate during the night, like clubs and bars. Below I give you my personal opinion on this entire situation.

Personally and from my own opinion, I believe that the curfew won't go away. It will stay in place until the Government needs to use it again to control people's movement. Quite simply put, if they never take the curfew away they never have to reintroduce it. They can just change the hours when they need to stop people from doing things. Manipulating the movement of people is very sketchy, as we never know why it's happening. What do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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