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Mzansi:SASSA Explain Why People Were Declined For R350 See Here

Wondering why you were declined? Please see some of the reasons below. The appeal process will resume on Monday 27 June and all appeals should be directed to #SASSACares people use that money for different things because we are not the same.

And I will need differ from person to person you won't be surprised if I tell you that the people who still use that money to buy alcohol and they're fine with it because that is what they want them the day is there money.

it is not a good thing to buy alcohol with that money because that money is meant for you to be able to afford basic things that you are insured off once you decide to buy luxurious things which are not even needs.

Sassa money was meant to make people to be able to afford to buy basic things so thatthey can be able to take care of themselves and other members of the family with the money that they get from the government.

But because people are desperate for money to buy luxurious things they end up using that money for the things which are not meant for hit such as buying alcohol and basically to enjoy themselves with the government money.

Below are comment made by people.

So true! My mum is unemployed, has been for years, does not depend on any social grants or lives in a govt facility but hers got declined. And she was receiving the R350 since the beginning.

I'm appealing this "exclusionary response found" nonsense, i am unemployed and i have not received any R350 after March 2022 and I'm not living in a government facility! That link is not working!.


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