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Look at what happened to ANC official after trying to prove that drinking tap water is safe

Residents of EMalahleni, Mpumalanga, have complained that their drinking water is unsafe. As with all other mining-affected villages, the Emalahleni community faces challenges with drinking water. People in the community claim that the brownish hue of the water coming out of the faucets in this area is the cause of health issues. This topic has been identified by the SAGRC of Mpumalanga as a priority for their work. The municipality assured people that it will continue to monitor the water's quality 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Thursday, the mayor of EMalahleni, Connie Nkalintshana, attempted to disprove the villagers' claims. She drank the water in front of numerous locals to demonstrate that there is nothing wrong with it. Unfortunately, she passed out at the State of the City Address (SOMA). Following her demonstration that tap water is safe to drink by consuming a glass of Witbank's tap water in front of invited visitors, the mayor fell.

Some residents are discussing the incident on Twitter, stating that she deserves it. "What was her objective, given that we do not drink tap water in Witbank? It makes no difference whether you reside in the wealthy section or not. The ANC has devastated the infrastructure of Emalahleni. I would not be surprised if she drank tap water containing heavy cations and pollutants ", a local citizen tweeted.

Residents of Witbank advise visitors not to drink their tap water, and they themselves do not drink it. Clearly, this was a failed publicity stunt. The Mayor could not have been unaware of the risks of the water in that region. Many in the neighborhood do not pay their water bills because the tap water is unfit for human consumption due to its poor quality.

One may say that ANC officials are dealing with karma. Peggy Nkonyeni, the former KZN MEC of Public Works and current MEC of Transport, was involved in an accident caused by potholes a few days ago. Let's hope these occurrences continue until these elected officials do the right thing.

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