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Road Accident

"There is space for all to work and make money, taxi drivers are a menace to society." Says Natasha

They are very arrogant and very rude yet they serve the community, we depend on their services, Taxi drivers play a vital role in the South African society. 

Sometimes l don't understand why taxi drivers feel that they rule the road and that everyone else must abide by their lack of driving skills and leave them to do as they please.

Other than bad driving Taxi drivers also hate uber drivers with a passion and every single they are violent towards uber drivers. Even the South African government has condemned what it calls tit-for-tat violence between taxi drivers and those drivers driving for companies that use ride-hailing apps, after an Uber driver died from injuries suffered in an attack a couple of months ago.

Many people were delighted on Twitter recently after taxi drivers were arrested for beating up another uber driver. A video has been making the rounds on social media and it is really sad how they treat the uber driver.

They destroyed his car and beat him up afterwards, you can check the video through this link:

Many have been saddened by this video and they condemned the actions of the taxi association members involved. The only good thing that came out of this is that the people that were involved in this matter got arrested.

Natasha went on to say this👇🏾as she commented on the matter.

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