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VIDEO: It Ended In Tears ATM Robbers, See What Was Spotted When They Were Being Arrested


Cash in transit heists and ATM bombings are some of the crimes that happen every day in South Africa. Criminals are out at large, busy bombing ATMs for easy cash. We all thought the arrest of those cash in transit in Rosettenville a few months ago would send a very strong message to other people who commit this crime, but it looks like it didn’t even move them because the acts are still continuing. Everyday we wake up to hear that there was an atm bombing or a cash in transit heist.

Just a few days ago, there was a trending story of 3 guys who were arrested after they were found with a large amount of cash that had stains, and police believe that those stains are signs that the money was robbed from an ATM or cash in transit car. It is believed that they were doing a heist and the security pressed the panic button. That is why the money had stains.




Just when we thought we had seen it all, police made a huge arrest in Sekgosese wholesale yesterday. Four ATM robbers were arrested after police received an anonymous tip-off and followed the lead. These four guys were driving the latest BMW. Surprisingly, they did not even try to run when the police approached them; they just raised their hands up like they were innocent. When police were searching their car, they found a stack of cash. See everything in the video below:

They were all out in large numbers at the arrest scene. They were taking videos and some were shouting that the expensive car must be burned. After this video was posted on social media, many people were happy that, finally, police were doing their job. However, some people here are not impressed as they claim that those robbers will be out in no time after bribing the police.

The reason why people who do cash heists don’t stay in prison for too long is that when you have money in South Africa, you can open many doors. Nowadays, bribery has become a normal illegal thing. Even people have lost trust in the justice system. That is why you find them doing mob justice.


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